SULA tableware crowdfunding on Tumblbug!


SULA tableware crowdfunding on Tumblbug!

SULA is a metal tableware designed specifically for Korean traditional liquor. The collection is now crowdfunding on Tumblbug.
SULA was designed by Almond Studio as part of 세운메이드 ‘Made in Sewoon’ program as part of 다시세운 Project.

Crowdfunding was launched on 2020.5.6. and reached 100% funding in the first couple of days. The campaign will be ongoing until 2020.6.21.

Traditional liquors and the design

Korean traditional liquors are typically made by fermenting rice with wild yeasts and microorganisms. There are three main types of traditional liquors: cloudy takju/makgeolli, clear Cheongju and distilled soju. The SULA collection is a modern and minimal, rather western style interpretation of the traditional drinking ware. The collection has bigger slightly inwards tapering cup for the cloudy makgeolli, considering the habit of swirling the drink before taking a sip. Cheongju is typically stronger that the diluted Makgeolli and has a strong fruity aroma. Soju is distilled from Cheonju and can be even up to 60-70% in strength. Outwards tapering Cheonju/soju cup is designed for slow sipping and enjoying the aroma of the drink to the fullest.

Both makgeolli and cheonju cups come in brass and copper. They are all hand made locally in the industrial neighbourhood of Euljiro, Seoul.


The SULA project was given some air time on SBS news on 2020.05.11.