Drinking makgeolli from Sula cups


We’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of Korean alcohol, both modern and traditional. In 2020, we designed and made our own drinking set to go with the revival of traditional alcohol, and the increasing popularity of drinking at home and/or alone.

The set consists of two cups specifically designed for makgeolli and traditional Korean liquor, as well as matching coasters.

Sula cups on a tray with snacks

The soju cup has a funnel shape, making it easy to sip strong liquor and enjoy the unique aroma of each traditional brew.

Makgeolli has a lot of sediment, and it is common to swirl the drink in the cup after it is served. Because of this, we worked with local craftsmen to create a shape that could be spun, and then pressed inwards to prevent spilling.

Sula soju cups
Sua makgeolli cup, brass
Sula collection

After finalizing the design, we sold the SULA cups through a successful Tumblbug campaign, and shipped to customers around Korea and abroad. Follow the SULA Instagram account to get the latest updates on the SULA collection.

Polishing Sula cups in Sewoon