A biomimetic range of furniture designed for digital fabrication, where the aesthetics and construction is inspired by the structure of mushrooms. Additively manufactured parts have many advantages, like freedom of form, customization and no tool-costs, but are normally also limited by their lack of strength. We wanted to circumvent that limitation by utilizing a smarter structure that could also form a large part of the appearance of the parts, and look to nature for inspiration. 3D printers are better suited to produce organic curves than they are strict geometric shapes, but we also wished for a simple and modern expression that would be worthy a well-decorated home.

The mushroom gill structure, lamellae, use the least amount of material to carry the maximum amount of weight, and have a simple and repeatable structure that can adapt to a wide variety of shapes. Each Lamella contains unique 3D printed and CNC milled pieces to produce fully customizable and functional pieces of furniture. Our Lamella project was awarded one of the grand prizes in the Korea Furniture Design Competition 2018 and displayed for the first time at the KOFURN fair.

Each Lamella piece adapt to the components of the design, matching shape, size, orientation and the selected fastening tools. With a consistent shape language, where the mushroom-inspired gills are added to save material and give strength, the pieces will still form a unique family look even though none are exactly the same. Based on the desired or available parts or material, standard or customized, the Lamella system can adapt to combine them in a simple and effective way. The 3D printed pieces can be printed in different colors to match the color and finishing of the wood parts.

Lamella barstool detail

Lamella barstool in pieces

Lamella side chair

Lamella side chair black