Almond Studio redesigned the bottle and label concept for Chusungju, a traditional Korean rice wine, in cooperation with blogger and content creator Jimin Lee. The goal was to make a modern and attractive label that still keeps the unique spirit of the nearly 1000 year old recipe.

Chusungju Bottles

The design features a mountain-shaped label that wraps around the bottle, giving it a distinct silhouette and an overlapping effect similar to traditional clothing. The mountains have a gradient of stylized mist, and creates a miniature mountainscape within the bottle, with a gentle red tint that compliments the original color of the liquor.

Chusungju Rice Wine

After their efforts to bring their traditional product and heritage to the new age, Chusungju was chosen for the K-Ribbon Selection, a range of products and arts with deep roots in Korean culture and tradition.

Korean Liquor