Exhibition: 을지로 산업도감 vol.1 “Euljiro industrial library”

을지로 산업도감 vol.1 exhibition in Sewoon Sanga

을지로 산업도감 vol.1, freely translated to “Euljiro industrial librarary” exhibition has been opened at Sewoon Sanga complex in Euljiro, Seoul. The exhibition offers a dip into the unique urban manufacturing ecosystem of Euljiro district, where a great variety of products have been developed and manufactured for decades.

The first part of the exhibition gathers and displays roughly 200 types of products components and 180 raw materials from Sewoon, Euljiro and Cheonggyecheon districts. The second part exhibits products that are developed and manufactured at the area.

The exhibition is put together by fellow Makers Cube resident company Above Studio. They invited us (Almond Studio) to help out a bit with the second part of the exhibition, where the completer Euljiro made products are exhibited. Therefore we designed a selection of illustrated boxes for displaying Curved Neck design lamp by Kwak Jongbum Studio, Serona radio kit by Hong-in Electronics, SDL-301 Street Fighter Joystick by Samdeoksa, Digital Flaring by Yeongdo Led and a Hotel management system by Korea Control System.

The exhibition is scheduled to stay open for public until early winter 2019.


Opening hours

MON-SAT 10am to 7pm // Closed on Sundays // FREE admission


서울특별시 종로구 청계천로 159(장사동) 세운상가 3층 세운메이커스큐브 세운-서 301옆

Seoul, Jung-gu, Cheonggyero 159 (Jangsa-dong), Sewoon Sangga, 3 FLOOR, Sewoon-west 301

을지로 산업도감, Euljiro Industrial Library
Sound check
People at the opening event
Above Studio members introduced in the opening event.


SDL-301 Joystick was specifically designed for the Street Fighter game in collaboration with Street Fighter champion “Infiltration”.
Close up to the street fighter box.
Sewoon Hotel box explaining how the system works. It has an interactive front panes where you can check-in, use the lights in the hotel room, check out and clean the room for the next guest.
Many of the boxes are created with layering graphics.
Digital Flaring art work by Yeongdo Led, Curved Neck lamp by Kwak Jongbom Studio and Hotel management system by Korea Control System.
Close up to the Curved Neck lamp.
Close up to Serona radio kit.
Interview for MBN channel.
Parts and materials