We are an international team of designers with education from Norway, Finland and Korea and experience in design and manufacturing in Korea. Our vision is to enhance the sophisticated design language of Scandinavia with the unique opportunities for product development, prototyping and manufacturing in Seoul.

Master of Product Design
Hongik University, Korea
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Kyung hee University, Korea

From an engineering background with a passion for handcrafts, he easily navigates the complex manufacturing environments of Seoul.
User oriented and up to date on the latest technology and software, Shua designs products that make life better for both the consumers and the makers.

Shua’s Website

Master of Product Design
Hongik University, Korea
Bachelor of Arts in Product Design
HAMK, Finland

A product designer from Finland studying, working and living in Korea for 5 years. Focus on conceptual design, ideation, graphics and colors and specializes in soft goods.
Knows her way around the vast material markets in Seoul. Work experience on overseeing the manufacturing processes from initial communication, factory prototyping and quality control to the final product.

Milla’s Website

Master of Product Design
Hongik University, Korea
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design
AHO, Norway

A modern Scandinavian designer experienced in creating unique, intriguing and functional products. Has a strong predilection for methodology and design thinking, challenging the established in several fields.

With his industrial background, he thrives in the midst of Asia working directly with manufacturers and material suppliers, and uses his illustration and 3D modeling skills to quickly prepare concepts for production.

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Whether you have a simple sketch or an existing product you want to improve,
we can help you with many aspects of the design process.
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